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Full Version: CNC inputs-outputs/Beamicon2 features
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Hi everyone!

We have a few question about the CNC Machine we have purchased. The interface board of our CNC is NetBob2 6-Axes.

What we want to do is make the machine do the basic job it's programmed for, according to an external digital or analog input.

Namely, after the machine has moved to the specified coordinate and done the requested work, it will wait for an input to advance to the next coordinate. 

For this request;

- Which inputs and outputs on the aforementioned card are suitable for this job?

- Is Beamicon2 a open-source software? If it is a open-source software how can we get the source codes? Can we add Scripts to this software?

Thank you.

Beamicon2 is not an open source project.

You can use each available Input on the Board to do this. If you dont have free inputs you can buy an additional IO-Ext Modul.
The Beamicon2 has internal Logic-Arrays for complexe logic, also an PLC. But this two funktions are not for user programming, but we can meke this for you.
Also you can program macros with our macro language.
In example Teach-In or other complexe functiins are possible.

Please read the reference manual for this. If you have further questions, dont hessiate to contact me.
Hello again.
Thank you for your previous response.
There are a few more questions I would like to ask. I would be very happy if you could reply.

-Can we provide this analog or digital input that we want to use in CNC control with any microcontroller? So, can we program any microcontroller to work with the card of the CNC machine?

-If we can, can it be mechanically connected to any input pin on the CNC?

If these problems are solved, I will have a few more questions in the next stage.

-How can we follow this signal that we will give to the CNC and with which interface we can include it in its software? Can this be done directly on Beamicon2?

Thank you.
I don't know if you can program a microcontroller.
You can connect something like that if you know how. Data on this can be found in the manual.
Each input and output can be accessed by a number in GCode and or macrolanguage.

Tell me exactly, what you want to do and I can help you.