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I have a Sorotec Hobby-line 6045, is there a plugin/macro  "edge finder with 3D probe" (EckenFinder mit 3D-Taster)  for it ?

Thank you.
Normally, all macros should be available in the "AddOns" subfolder. The macro "edge finder with 3D probe" (EckenFinder mit 3D-Taster) can be found in the macro collection 3D-Finder.ini.
If the macro is not included in the Sorotec version, you can also download a version of Beamicon2-Basic or Beamicon2 from Benezan and copy the macro out of the AddOn folder.

PS: There is hardly anyone in the English part of the forum, why don't you post in German in the German part? Would be much easier. I also had to use the translator first to be able to answer (can only badly English).

Thank you for your answer.
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