You have or want a milling machine? Then you need Beamicon2!

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An expandable CNC controller with Ethernet controller

The Beamicon2 is a combination of PC software and hardware connected via Ethernet. The Beamicon2 is used to control all types of machine tools, including special machines. With the help of the Beamicon2, a machine tool of any type can be controlled very easily and intuitively. No special requirements are placed on the control PC.

A short overview of most features:

Feature Basic-Version Vollversion
• Ethernet connectionXX
• fully automatic detection of the hardware no dedicated network connection required, can be integrated in the network
• max. 9 axes interpolated4X
• max. 1600kHz step frequencyXX
• System for Windows (XP-Win11)XX
• Graphic 3D display of the tool pathXX
• All machine settings can be imported/exported, also partial quantitiesXX
• Processing of DIN-ISO G-codeXX
• Import of DXF/HPGLXX
• Import of graphics/images for engravingXX
• Optimised path preview with jerk limitation, adjustable transverse acceleration and S-shaped rampsXX
• Adaptation of speed to the course of the curveXX
• Improved surface quality through reduced jitter when interpolating multiple axes
• Tool management with radius and length correction-X
• Unlimited number of tools1X
• Extensive macro language with loops and variablesXX
• Extensive calculations such as ASIN, ACOS, TAN, ATAN, ROUND, EXP, LOG possible in G-codeXX
• Preview of machine running timeXX
• Feed and spindle override 0-150% while machining is in progressXX
• Adjustable jog speedsXX
• Offset management (G53, G54-G59, parking, temporary offset)XX
• Automatic rotary axis for tangential knivesXX
• Automatic drum engravingXX
• Speed output PWM/0..10VXX
• Unlimited number of inputs/outputs (with extension module)XX
• Dual drives (master/slave) on all axesXX
• Handwheel with network connectionXX
• Thirdparty handwheels/MPG+costs+costs
• Images engraving functionXX
• Freely definable hotkeysXX
• Freely assignable hotkeys to hardware inputsXX
• Built-in update functionXX
• support request at the touch of a button-X
• extensive log functionsXX
• Built-in user administration-X
• Open-GL optimisationXX
• MDI line, multiple commandsXX
• Styrofoam wire cutting(XY+UV axes)XX
• backlash compensationXX
• Short-circuit proof outputsXX
• Range monitoring of the axes (soft limit)XX
• Integrated G-code editor with syntax highlightingXX
• Camera support for up to 10 cameras+costs+costs
• Minimum quantity lubrication MMS direction-controlled (via 4 valves)XX
• Programmable maintenance interval-X
• Central lubrication supported (interval etc.)-X
• Freely programmable macros-X
• Freely programmable cycles-X
• Support for many languagesXX
• Reference switch position freely selectable (start/end/centre)XX
• CV mode extensively configurable (chord error, acceleration)XX
• Tools can limit the maximum speed (e.g. edge finder)-X
• Built-in digital logic-X
• Built-in PLC-X
• Redundant safety circuit-X
• Safety door with set-up mode-X
• Definition of forbidden areas, e.g. tool changer in the working area-X
• Startup and stop macros to perform specific tasks-X
• Automatic loading of the last programme (can be switched off)-X
• Monitoring of directories and automatic loading-X
• Convertible from mm to inchXX
• Macros for height measurement and centre finder integratedXX

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